Moonshiner Solar Sun Power Mason Jar Lid

Moonshiner Solar Sun Power Mason Jar Lid
Item# moonshiner-solar-power-mason-jar-lid

Product Description

Moonshiner Solar Powered Mason Jar Lid



NEW lighting accent decoration

Jar lid that holds a rechargeable battery. The top of the lid contains a small solar panel.

Automatic switch turns on a small light under the lid when its dark. Illuminates the jar and its contents.

use indoor or outdoors.

includes AAA rechargeable battery and LED light

Top off any jar with a 2 3/4 inch opening with our Moon Shiner sun powered lid. Fill the jar with your favorite holiday treasure. Create unique displays of candies, photos, found objects, keepsakes,etc.

Light up your walkway, driveway, patio, garden.

Use on a window will or shelf as a night light.

Here is a photo of how the jars look at night when they light up. If you want to use the jar indoors, you can cover the solar panel on the top of the lid and the light will turn on.